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Meet Your Master Injector & Beauty Nurse

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Hey, I'm Anna Ulyanov!

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner MSN, FNP-BC, APRN, CANS

I'm a Master Injector / Nurse Practitioner serving in Highland Park, IL. 

With over 5+ years experience and on-going training with some of the country's best plastic surgeons, my mission is to...

1. Provide you with the best, balanced & natural results.

2. Apply the highest & modern standards in cosmetic injecting.

I'm getting compliments all the time!

I did lip filler a few weeks ago with Anna, and my lips are looking just AMAZING. I'm getting compliments all the time!

I couldn't be happier with the results. Anna is super sweet, careful, and a fantastic professional!

- Jeniffer Raitz

Nurse Anna is by far the best injector I've ever been to.

She took the time to explain what I needed to achieve my goals. She is so trustworthy that you'll feel she has your best interest in mind. Although it's an investment, she will never oversell you.

- Claudine G.

Some Love & Warmth From The Prettiest People Ever 💋

Such a compassionate, caring aesthetic nurse!

Thank you for taking your time and for being you!!!

- Cenise Dastro

I've had botched fillers before. So it takes A LOT to impress me. But Anna's work is meticulous!

Recently Anna did my under eye filler and the results are beautiful.

She was kind, soft spoken, and very knowledgeable with the product.

I am not new to fillers and to say I am impressed is really amazing because it takes A LOT to impress me.

I have had botched fillers before, but Anna's work is meticulous!

- Emilee S.

While other injectors pressure their clients, Anna will be honest and tell you if you need the treatment or not!

Anna is one of the most talented and professional injectors in the industry I have ever met. Her eye for aesthetics and her knowledge in human anatomy will give you results that are mind blowing.

Her honesty and integrity is what makes her even more special and unique in the cosmetic industry. While other injectors pressure clients to get treatments that they might not need, Anna will be honest and tell you if you need the treatment or not.

I myself have been in the cosmetics industry for over 11 years and have met many injectors and never have been impressed. 

Anna left a lasting impression on me because when I left her office I didn’t look like the cookie cutter image of every person with Botox and fillers, I left her office looking the better version of myself.

- Mia Evans

Anna understood how nervous I was and spent time to discuss my exact needs!

I was very hesitant about getting lip fillers, and did my research before finally committing to a provider for this service.

From the moment I walked into the door, I knew I was in the right place! Anna understood how nervous I was and spent time to discuss my exact needs and desired outcome. She made me calm and I trusted her expertise.

Anna is very meticulous and made sure my lips were the perfect proportion to the rest of my face. My lips look stunning, natural and sexy thanks to her!

Also, I cannot get over how little swelling I had even from the first day of the procedure. Anna has a true talent and eye for beauty.

She is the only person I can truly trust, especially with something as important as my face! Thank you, Anna!

- Dana Berns

I started to seriously wonder about the skills of some of my former providers...

I have had Botox through a few different providers in the past and was pleased with the results. But I have to say now that nobody was even close to being as gentle as Anna.

Anna is a Botox Guru! In fact, after she injected,  I started to seriously wonder about the skills of some of my former providers who apparently were injecting directly on my bone (ouch!)

And Anna got the dosage right the first time, so no need for me to come back for any revision!

- Farrah F.

She has a gentle touch and made the procedure as painless as possible!

For years, I have trusted only Anna. She always takes the time to do an honest consultation with me. Even when I think I need more or less of something, Anna will always guide me in the right direction with her expertise.

She has a vast amount of experience, an artist's eye, and always brings the latest and greatest techniques to every appointment. I feel that since she's always educating herself in the industry and techniques, every visit feels like a fresh and new outcome.

Every visit seems better than the last. She has a gentle touch and is able to make the procedure as painless as possible. I need to look refreshed and professional for my job, so the natural look she gives always makes people wonder if I have good genes or if I am actually 10 years younger than my age!

- Sarah S.

Taking the time to make sure I understood is what built a trust that has me following Anna anywhere she goes.

I found Anna through a friend after a plastic surgeon froze one side of my forehead, but not the other. Anna used a diagram of a face and explained to me her work, how she would inject and prevent that from happening again and what potentially went wrong when the surgeon injected me. 

Taking the time to make sure I understood is what built a trust that has me following Anna anywhere she goes. From Botox to Juvéderm, Anna takes her time and makes sure it is perfect.

I tell her what's bothering me about my face, and I trust her completely to do exactly as needed, nothing more or less. My forehead lines disappear but I can still make expressions when Anna does my Botox or Dysport (I like both).

She reminds me to stay natural when I ask for drastically bigger lips. When she is almost done with the syringe I put in my lips, she has me check in a mirror to see if I think the results look even and if want Juvéderm added to any area in particular.

She has used filler to fix my sunken in under eye area without changing the shape of my face too! I have never tried to get a deal on Groupon or been lured by a doctor title since I met her.

I trust her completely and exclusively with my face. I moved to Phoenix this past year but I continue to fly to Chicago when it is time to have any work done on my face!

- Dana Basten

She listened to exactly what I wanted, made professional suggestions and balanced everything out!

Anna did my lip filler and Botox and she NAILED it! I’ve had them done before but she did the best job by far. She listened to exactly what I wanted and made professional suggestions in addition.

She’s also super detail oriented and wanted to make sure I was as symmetrical as possible. I was so grateful and I can’t stop obsessing over how beautiful and natural they look!

She took into consideration my other features to make sure it all balanced out. Thank you a million times over!

- Viktoria Zarovsky


The ONLY non-surgical double chin reduction procedure that targets and destroys fat cells permanently in just  2 - 4 treatments.

Say Bye Bye To That Double Chin Once And For All With...

It doesn't matter how many times you look in the mirror...

Or what angle you try to snap that morning selfie...

Or how hard you've been working hard to lose weight...

Your chin fat remains.

And you just, can't, stand it...

But don't worry.

I've got an easy way to get rid of it for you.


Two Chins Are Better Than One (Said No One Ever)...

Can you tell me more about the side effects? I'm a little nervous about the swelling...

There is a bit of swelling that lasts up to one week. But to reduce the swelling with patients, I provide a lymphatic drainage massage immediately after the treatment.

How long until I see full results?

Results appear gradually as it takes about 12 - 16 weeks for the fat cells to flush out of your body completely.

How many treatments do I need for best results?

It depends! But on average, 2 - 4 sessions is enough to achieve best results.

How long will my results last?

Permanent! Once Kybella destroys the targeted fat cells, they leave your body over time.
And even with weight gain post-treatment, you won't notice a double-chin as much as you did initially.

How many weeks should I space out between multiple Kybella treatments?

At least 4 - 6 weeks following the last treatment.

How much does it cost?

The price varies from patient to patient since each person has unique needs. But we go over everything during the consultation so you're aware of the investment before making a commitment. 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

& Quick

No need to take time off! Kybella treatments only takes 15 to 20 minutes.


With a bit of numbing cream, you won't feel any pain during the treatment.


With the fat cells destroyed, you'll never have to worry about getting a double-chin ever again.

Destroy Stubborn Chin Fat Without Breaking A Sweat

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Kybella Is Perfect For You
If You're...

  • Unhappy with your chin and want a more contoured jawline

  • Avoiding surgery

  • Unable to get rid of the double chin despite weight loss and exercise

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